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Chef Edward Salazar has worked in high end kitchens at

Taste at the Fine Arts Center, The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain Resort and Glen Eyrie over the past 10 years. Where he honed his culinary abilities to be able to produce some of the best food with modern techniques. Recently Chef Salazar has opened his own culinary company Lush F2F eateries. Within the Lush F2F eateries he has a food truck, catering company, private chef, as well as a very high-end unique Farm to table coursed meal called the Lush F2F Experience. With the high-end techniques and sourcing food locally any outlet of Lush F2F eateries is worth a visit.


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Patru  Dumitru

Narrator of The Art of Dining Tours


At Microvora, we believe that good food and well being come first.

By incorporating fresh, organically-grown superfoods into your diet, you will not only reap the disease-ridding, energy boosting ALIVENESS within your daily being, but also enjoy the longevity and richness that life has to wholly offer!

Our extensive catalog will ensure that you obtain the complex variety of vitamins/minerals, polysaccharides and compounds from mushrooms and microgreens that your body deserves!!