My wife and I read about the pandemic-delayed “Dinner Under the Stars” Farm to Table event in the Gazette and decided to give it a chance. I wish my wife’s lottery tickets paid off as handsomely as this gamble! The cocktail hour followed by a

five-course dinner at the Flying Horse Ranch was outstanding.

As each course was served, Janene, the organizer, described the dish, detailed the sources of the ingredients, and introduced the representatives from the local farms and producers in attendance. Each course was delicious, perfectly prepared, and generous in portion. Accompanying wine flowed freely throughout the evening. This is something new that we will definitely keep on our radar.


-Chuck and Robin Schwartz

Hi Janene, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed dinner last night. The venue was amazing and it was lovely to meet some old, and new, friends.  

The food and service were outstanding, truly memorable.  

Ed and I wish you the very best in this endeavor.  We will certainly share this with our colleagues and friends. 

                                                                     -Laura P.


Thank you again for the invitation to the October 30th dinner! We had such a wonderful experience, and the food was incredible. Loved the family-style table and getting to meet such lovely people. Not the mention the incredible huge portions of food!

Overall a wonderfully successful first event!

-Jennifer G.